Mood Booster

Get happy with today's dose of feel-good songs!

Easy Classical

Take it easy with these laid-back classical tunes.

Ballads Forever

Let it go and belt it out to these classic ballads – covered. Cover: Rose Cousins


This week: Grime & Garage go back to back!

Love Pop

Because we all deserve great pop love songs in one playlist.

Monday Motivation

Giving motivation to your Monday. You got this!

Ballads International

A collection of the world's best emotional songs. Cover: Djouher

Soft Pop Hits

Listen to easy songs from your favorite artists! Cover: Sam Smith

Happy Hits!

Hits to boost your mood and fill you with happiness!

Acoustic Covers

A fun mix of acoustic covers.

Your Favorite Coffeehouse

Curl up in your favorite spot with some sweet, mellow tunes...

Happy Days

Relive the good ol' days with these cheery 60s and more.


Country music to get you back to the basics.

Happy Drive

Let your favorite pop guide you through your daily commute! Cover: Dua Lipa

Afternoon Acoustic

Unwind and let the afternoon unfold.

Wake Up Happy

Set the mood of your day with these awesome, happy songs!

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Enjoy a break with some relaxing soft songs.

Summer Vibes

Afro, Caribbean & Latin sounds for that summer vibe.

Hangover Friendly

It's the day after and the last thing you need is loud noises.